What Major Scripts Are Run When Payables is Upgraded to 11i, and What Do They Do?

Three major scripts are run during the Payables upgrade for 11i.  They are:


1.  The script, APXEVNT1.sql, populates the AP_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS_ALL for all invoice related events and updates AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL.ACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID.  It also, populates AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL.INVOICE_DISTRIBUTION_ID from the sequence AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_S.  This script also contains other imbedded scripts which populate s AP_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS_ALL for payment related events and updates AP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALL.ACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID.

2,  The script, APXALLOC.sql, populates the AP_CHRG_ALLOCATIONS_ALL table with information about allocations of Miscellaneous, Tax and Frieght lines.

3.  The script ,APTXACCT.sql, updates accounting entries for nonrecoverable tax lines  with tax information from the AP_CHRG_ALLOCATIONS_ALL table.