FAQ : AP/AR Netting Common Questions and Problems


1. Can I net transactions across Operating Units?

Ans) No, As Operating Unit is mandatory while creating agreement/batch hence it selects transactions of only that operating unit.

2. Can I select a different Customer and a different Supplier in an agreement?

Ans) Yes, You can select any customer and any supplier for netting , In-fact you can add more than one customers or suppliers in an agreement.

3. Can I net partial amount; i.e net only 80$ of an AR invoice with balance 100$ to an AP invoice of balance 500$?

Ans) Current functionality does not cater for partial amount netting.

4. Why am I unable to select AR transactions in a netting batch?

Ans) Increase the transactions availability for netting and retest.
Please consider below points
a. Ensure agreement Start Date is very old (system checks for transactions Due_date > agreement Start Date).
b.In agreement set 'Select Only Past Due Receivable Transactions' to 'No'.
c. Remove Site/Location from agreement (if specified system picks only transactions belonging to that site).
d.Add more than 1 customer with huge number of transactions to the agreement.
e.Ensure Batch Transaction Due Date is sysdate (system checks for transactions Due_date < Batch transaction_due_date).

5.Which receivables Transaction Types are available for netting?

Ans) The following four transaction types are considered for netting process.
Credit Memo
Debit Memo

6.Does AP/AR Netting Support for Invoices With Discount Payment Terms?

Ans)  Yes, Netting creates receipt with correct amount i.e. (Invoice Amount- Discount Amount) leaving no amount as unapplied.

7.Can I net transactions of different currencies?

Ans) Yes,Please review Netting Currency Rule in agreement and select option Convert to Accounting Currency. then open balance on each transaction is converted to the the Accounting currency and the netting currency of the batch = Accounting currency.

8.Bank Account is not available to associate with 'AP/AR Netting' receipt method?

Ans) Enable your bank account for Netting:
Please follow below navigation:
Bank Accounts (query your Bank Account Name)
Update Bank Account: Account Controls
Set Netting Account = YES.

9.Final Netting Report is showing a "n" instead of a decimal points for all amount fields (e.g. 300n00 instead of 300.00)?

Ans) Set the profile option 'ICX: Numeric characters' to desired value (e.g. 10,000.00) or change the value for profile option 'XDO: Numeric characters' to desired format instead of read from ICX: Numeric characters and bounce the apache.

10.Settle Netting Batch errors with : No Customer Details found for the given Batch?

Ans) The program is expecting that one of the sites should be Bill To and a Primary site.

11.What will be processing order of transactions if all trading partners in an agreement have same priority?

Ans) If all trading partners are of same priority, then the transactions are processed based on the netting rules; and within the netting rules, in the supplier alphabetical order.

12.How can we run Netting process for all agreements at once?

Ans) Do not select any agreement while submitting Batch then it selects all active agreements within the operating unit.

13.Which tables are involved in Netting Process?

Ans)  AP/AR Netting engine is owned by Oracle Financials Common Modules (FUN) Product.
FUN_NET_AR_TRX_TYPES_ALL Netting Agreement Transaction types of AR
FUN_NET_AP_INV_TYPES_ALL Netting Agreement Transaction types of AP
FUN_NET_AGREEMENTS_ALL Netting Agreement Details
FUN_NET_SUPPLIERS_ALL Netting Agreement Supplier Details
FUN_NET_CUSTOMERS_ALL Netting Agreement Customer Details
FUN_NET_BATCHES_ALL Netting Batch Details
FUN_NET_AR_TXNS_ALL Netting Batch Details of AR transactions
FUN_NET_AP_INVS_AL Netting Batch Details of AP invoices

14.Does Netting consider the Withholding rules and calculate Withholding according to supplier definition?

Ans) When creating payment in AP ,Deduction of AWT is not supported in the netting process.