Final Match Hold

Finlay Match Hold:


We have an Invoice which is on Final Match hold. When the user tried to cancel the invoice the Invoice is put on hold stating 'Final Match'. We came to know that the PO has been Fully closed before we cancel the invoice.
Now we cannot cancel the invoice or cannot validate it


The invoice distribution line is matched to a PO that has been Finally Closed. Thus, the invoice
has a FINAL MATCHING hold. Invoices with this hold cannot be approved unless this system hold
is removed.


The Final Matching Hold is intended functionality and it is no longer possible to remove this hold or perform any further processing on that invoice.

When a PO is Finally Closed, Oracle Purchasing warns the users that this is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Before a user accepts and acknowledges this warning it is their responsibility to ensure there are no outstanding transactions. When the user selects to continue with the Final Close action they have acknowledged that all outstanding transactions related to the PO were fully processed.
There is no supported way to change or update the invoice or to remove the system hold.