Drilldown In R12


With the Release 12 of Oracle Applications, Subledger Accounting (SLA) has been introduced. This is a Rule-based accounting engine, toolset & repository supporting Oracle E-Business Suite modules (also called as subledgers). The main idea behind this introduction is to have an option of allowing multiple accounting representations for a single business event, resolving conflicts between corporate and local fiscal accounting requirements. Also this introduces a common data model and user interface (UI) across subledgers, replaces various disparate 11i setups, providing single source of truth for financial and management analysis. Due to SLA, there are some changes in the functionalities of General Ledger. There are also certain setups that need to be done in General Ledger for SLA.

For understanding the Impact of SLA on General Ledger, we have divided this document into three parts:
  1. Drilldown – This will deal with the change in the Drilldown data, which appears now. Also the setups, which decide what data, can be viewed and how data can be secured.
  2. Journal Import – This will deal with the transfer of data from Subledgers to General Ledger. This will also explain the various setups that are done for the Ledger which govern the import for various applications.
  3. Technical Reference – This will give the technical references, for journal import and drilldown functionalities, which will help in understanding the architecture and will also help in troubleshooting.

Part I : Impact of SLA on Drilldown in General Ledger

Drilldown functionality enables users to navigate from a Journal in General Ledger to the Subledger Journal Entry in SLA and from there to the transaction which has resulted into that journal.

To enable Journal drilldown from General Ledger, the "Import Journal References" option should be enabled for the Source.
This can be checked under General Ledger Responsibility at Setup -> Journal -> Sources -> Define.
Only when this is enabled, the reference data is populated by SLA engine.

The Drilldown in Release 12 is different from the prior releases of the Application. R12 drilldown is Web based and not in the Forms. The following screenshots show the Drilldown functionality in Release 12:

Navigation to perform Drilldown is the same as in Release 11i:
  • Journals -> Enter -> Review Journal
  • Select the journal line and click on “Lines Drilldown”.

Drilldown can also be performed from:
  • Tools -> Drilldown


As mentioned above, Drilldown opens the Web Page instead of Form. 

The SLA Page for Drilldown shows the following:
  • GL Journal Line information
  • Subledger Journal Line information

There are two Options available on this SLA page:
  • View Transaction
  • View Journal Entry

View Transaction’ will take us to the Subledger Transaction form. E.g for the current journal line, since the Source was Payables, it opens Invoice Workbench.

‘View Journal Entry’ will take to the Subledger Journal Entry details

View Journal Entry has three parts to it.
  1. Transaction Information
  2. Additional Information (this is hidden by default)
  3. Line Details
Apart from this there are some extra details shown at the top of the page, which is the header level information for the Subledger Transaction.

Some of the important fields in header part of the Subledger Transaction Journal are:
  • Ledger Name
  • Journal Entry Status
  • Balance Type
  • GL Date

This is the 'Transaction Information' section of Subledger Journal Entry page.
The fields here will change based on the transaction and the subledger in which the transaction was entered.
Since the example transaction is entered in Payables, it is showing the details of the invoice and the supplier.

This is the 'Additional Information' section of Subledger Transaction Entry page.
This section shows the details of
  • Event
  • General Ledger
  • Sequences
  • Application Accounting Definition
Note that Event and Application Accounting Definition are important from SLA side. However, from GL perspective the relevant details are Period, Transfer to GL Date and Transfer to GL status.

This is the last section, 'Lines' of the Subledger Journal Entry page.
The important details in this section are:
  • Code Combination
  • Currency
  • Entered Debits and Credits
  • Accounted Debits and Credits
Select the link 'Show' for any of the lines to view additional details for the transaction line

This page gives various details for transaction line from the subledgers side.

Thus the Drilldown from General Ledger, takes us to the Subledger Journal Entry which shows the details of the Subledger journal. From here we can further drilldown to the Subledger Transaction.

Profile Options related to Drilldown:
  • SLA: Enable Subledger Transaction Security in GL
    This profile option controls whether the drilldown to SLA will enforce the transaction security of the application owning the Transaction. For example, if one drills down to Payables, he will only be able to see Journals for transactions belonging to operating units to which he has access (based on your MO: Security Profile.) Thus drilldown can be restricted to the Operating Units to which the responsibility has access. In case the GL responsibility does not have access to a particular Operating Unit, the Drilldown will not show any data.