AP/AR Netting Tables in R12

What tables are involved?

AP/AR Netting engine is owned by ‘Oracle Financials Common Modules’ (FUN) Product. All tables behind the scene will be stored under the FUN schema. Information related to Netting is stored in the following

Table Name                                                    Table Purpose

FUN_NET_AR_TRX_TYPES_ALL    Netting Agreement – Transaction types of AR

FUN_NET_AP_INV_TYPES_ALL     Netting Agreement – Transaction types of AP

FUN_NET_AGREEMENTS_ALL       Netting Agreement – Details

FUN_NET_SUPPLIERS_ALL             Netting Agreement – Supplier Details

FUN_NET_CUSTOMERS_ALL         Netting Agreement – Customer Details

FUN_NET_BATCHES_ALL                Netting Batch – Details

FUN_NET_AR_TXNS_ALL                Netting Batch – Details of AR transactions

FUN_NET_AP_INVS_AL                    Netting Batch – Details of AP invoices