How To Reverse the Invoice Distribution Line When APP-SQLAP-10103 Error Message Arises


Trying to reverse an Invoice Item Distribution line on invoice that was already Validated and Accounted, the following error message arises:

APP-SQLAP-10103 You cannot reverse this distribution

Same occurs when the Invoice has been matched to a Purchase Order (PO)


In this case, the system was working as intended.  After the taxes are calculated, system has been designed to not allow the reversal of the distributions because this might have an impact on the tax.

For example non-recoverable tax has the account of the Charge line. If the charge line is reversed without the corresponding tax line being reversed there will be anomalies.
As such the reversal is not allowed. Instead what can be done is discarding the lines. Since our taxes are at line level, discarding the line will also discard the taxes associated with it. This will ensure consistency of data. As such the current behavior is intended.

Hence users need to discard the ITEM line rather than reversing the distribution when there is a tax line associated with the Item line. This is intended functionality and is working as Intended as confirmed in Bug:7038938