Oracle Assets Troubleshooting Guide for Mass Additions

1. Why post mass addition program errors with: 'FA_MASSADD_CHILD_LOC_NULL' while trying to change Mass Addition from 'ON HOLD' to 'POST' ?


The error is because the line which is erroring out or a merged child line of this line has a NULL Location or Depreciation Expense account. To fix the error Populate the Depreciation Expense and Location for all associated lines.

2. When trying to run the post mass addition program, why is a particular book is not appearing in LOV ?


For a particular book to appear in Post mass addition program book LOV, below 2 parameters must be met:
1. The desired book should have a mass addition line which is in Post status. Lines must be in the POST queue to meet the select criteria for the LOV.

2. Depreciation status should be in completed status for the desired book and all the books associated with the desired book.

So before running the post mass addition program make sure that above two parameters are met

3. How to correct error ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into FA_ADDITIONS_B.CURRENT_UNITS ?


The error is because Assignments form (FA_MASSADD_DISTRIBUTIONS table) of the invoice line which is erroring has a null value for units.Populate the units on the assignments form in Prepare Mass Additions to a the proper units (a value other than null needs to be entered here) and the error will no longer appear.

4. While attempting to set mass addition line to POST status, the following error occurs:

The maximum value size for segment Company is 2. Truncating value OTHER CAP.EXP.LIGHT FENCES 5 to OT


The issue is caused by the following setup:Category flexfield is defined with segment's separator as the period (.) and the category includes another period '.' in segment's values.

As a result the application cannot validate the Category segment's values and return a misleading message referencing company segment of the accounting flexfield (which is the next field to validate in the form). So to fix this issue modify the Category flexfield setup :

Navigate to Setup> Financials > Flexfield > Key > segments
Query the Category Flexfield
Change the segment's separator from the period (.) to another one such as the pipe (|) . This should be a character which is never included in the major or minor categories values

5. How to resolve the error 'Cache: Error retrieving row from FA_METHODS table' in Post mass addition program ?


The error is because the depreciation method assigned to the Mass Addition was not a valid Depreciation method.The method and the life combination which is attached in Prepare mass addition form must also exist in FA_METHODS table.

6. Post mass addition program errors with: Error: Incorrect Asset Type and Category combination for &CATEGORY_ID.


The error is because the category assigned to this mass addition has 'Capitalize' checkbox checked and the current invoice which is erroring is a expensed invoice. A expensed asset can be added / posted to a category in which capitalize check box is checked.

To resolve the issue please follow the following steps:
1. Connect to an FA responsibility
2. Navigate to setup > Asset System > Categories
3. Query the categories having Capitalize checkbox Unchecked or if no one exist , define a new one
4. Navigate to Mass additions > Prepare mass addition Query the failing mass addition at POST status and change the category to a correct one
5. Rerun Post mass additions and review the asset was successfully created as EXPENSED asset

7. How to resolve EXPENSE CCID CANNOT BE NULL error messages during Mass Additions ?


Error is because no depreciation expense account was entered for the invoice which is erroring.
Navigate to Mass Additions > Prepare Mass Additions
Query up the Mass Addition line in question.
Click Open and Click the Assignments button and ensure that expense account is populated.
Save and try the Mass Additions Post again.

8. When attempting to query project details in Mass Additions form or in Assets form, the following error is shown ORA-01403: no data found

ORA-06512: at "APPS.PA_UTILS", line 1315


The reason for the error was the following profile options not set to the proper values on the instance :
MO: Default Operating Unit
MO: Operating Unit
MO: Security Profile

Please connect to System Administrator responsibility and make sure that these profile options are set at Site, Responsibility, and User levels.

9. How to resolve the below error when querying the invoice in Prepare Mass Additions from,

FRM-40735: WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE trigger raised unhandled exception


Error is due to Incorrect value for ASSET_CATEGORY_ID in table FA_MASS_ADDITIONS for the mass addition lines.

The Prepare Mass Additions form validates for the ASSET_CATEGORY_ID of the uploaded lines in the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS table. The error occurs if the value does not exist in FA_CATEGORIES.

Make sure that the data is inserted correctly in the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS.ASSET_CATEGORY_ID column when using SQL loader to upload the mass additions.

10. Why error APP-OFA-47777: This Book is not setup for this Category appears when attempting to assign asset category in the prepare mass addition form:


The error is because The date placed in service of the mass addition line is before the selected category's start date placed in service.

- Correct the value of the date placed in service in the prepare mass additions screen to be within the date placed in service range in the default rules of the asset category.

- Update the value of the INVOICE_DATE column in the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS table to the correct date.

11. How to resolve the below error which appears when attempting to run Post Mass Additions,

Please run the Gain/Loss Program before performing this transaction.

Mass Addition ID: XXXXX ==> ** FAILED **


The issue is caused by the following setup:Allow CIP assets check box was checked

As the CIP asset exists also in the tax book, the previous partial retirement transaction entered in the corporate book was also performed automatically via API in the tax book. Post Mass Additions check and finds that gain/loss was not run for the tax book before trying to add an invoice to the CIP asset.

1. Go into the Fixed Assets responsibility.
2. Run Gain/Loss also for the tax book.
3. Submit Post Mass Additions again.

12. Why asset_type field is not populated for Asset lines that are loaded into the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS table by SQL*Loader


This normally happens when Invalid value is inserted in fa_mass_additions for the asset_type field. The values for asset_type need to be inserted in the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS table in upper case (for example; CAPITALIZED, CIP or EXPENSED).

1.Modify the SQL*Loader file such that the asset_type field in FA_MASS_ADDITIONS is inserted in upper case.

2. Re-test the issue in the Prepare Mass Additions form and now, the Asset Type will automatically default into the form (in mixed case) driving from the FA_LOOKUPS table.

13. Post mass addition program is erroring with: APP-482858 ASSET NUMBER already exists. Please enter a new value.


The cause is that multiple assets have been loaded to FA_MASS_ADDITIONS with the same asset number.

Either change the asset number values to a unique value or NULL the values out and let the system create them during the mass addition posting process.

14. Post mass addition program is erroring with: APP-OFA-47011: Error: Failed to process the add_to_asset function call


This error can appear due to two reasons.

One is Depreciation has been run in this book, or an associated book and Cost adjustments cannot be made when depreciation has been processed for the period for the asset that is being adjusted.

Run Rollback Depreciation in book that is ahead, or advance all books to the next period, and then add the mass addition line.

Second reason could be that the asset to which the failing invoice line is added already has a amortized transaction and amortization flag for the invoice in mass addition form is set to NO. Once the asset is amortized all the future adjustment should be amortized and cannot be expensed.That is the reason post mass addition program ends in error.

To correct this Check the amortization flag in the mass addition form and post the mass addition.

15. Post mass addition program is erroring with: APP-47010: Error: Failed to get Prorate Date and Depreciation Start Date.


This problem occurs because the Mass Addition lines you are trying to post have a Date Placed in Service (DPIS) that does not exist in the prorate convention defined for the category which is assigned to the failing mass addition line.

To fix this issue:
a) Query the Mass Addition line in the Prepare Mass Additions form and note the category and DPIS defined for that mass addition line.
b) Query the Category and note the Prorate Convention assigned to the category.
c) Query Prorate Convention and ensure the DPIS on the mass addition line exists in a prorate period, extend the calendar to include this date if necessary

16. Why error "Please choose an existing combination" appears when trying to save a record in Asset Workbench or Prepare Mass Addition form ?


Error is because Profile Option - Flexfields: Validate on Server is not set to YES (dynamic inserts is not allowed).Set profile option Flexfields: Validate on Server to YES at site level and the error will no longer appear.

17. When trying to retire an asset, below error message appears: APP-47434 you must post mass additions before you retire the asset.


This error appears when Records exists in FA_MASS_ADDITIONS which is attached to this asset and still in POST status.

To fix this error either post the COST ADJUSTMENT to the asset, or remove the asset from the mass addition record in the Prepare Mass Additions form.

18. Post mass addition program is erroring with: APP-00988 ORACLE error 1403 in get_date And APP-47010 Error: failed to get prorate date and depreciation start date.


The error is because the Mass Addition line will be added to an Asset Category with a Prorate Convention that has gaps in the periods, or doesn't include the prorate date corresponding to the DPIS.

To fix the error:
1) Query the Mass Addition line in the Prepare Mass Additions form and note the assigned Asset Category and DPIS.
2) Query the Asset Category and note the assigned Prorate Convention.
3) Query the assigned Prorate Convention and ensure the DPIS from the mass addition line exists in a prorate period, extending the calendar to include this date, if necessary. Also, verify there are no gaps or overlapping periods.

19. How to resolve 'APP-47777 This book is not setup for this asset category'. appearing while trying to post the mass addition line ?


The error is because DPIS for the Mass Addition line is prior to the DPIS assigned to the category or the book, Check the Date Placed in Service (DPIS) for the Mass addition line and the category.

If the DPIS for the Mass Addition line is prior to the DPIS assigned to the category or the book then this is the problem.The Category/Book DPIS acts as an as an effective date for adding new assets.

20. Post mass addition program ends with error: Error: function fa_massadd_pkg.do_mass_addition returned failure And Cache: Error retrieving row from FA_CATEGORY_BOOK_DEFAULTS table for:


The issue is caused by the following setup:
The DATE_PLACED_IN_SERVICE (DPIS) has been entered as a date before the start DPIS for the specific category.

To correct the issue Change the DPIS in the Mass Additions Interface, to a date greater than the start DPIS of the particular category, as defined in the Asset Categories > Dafault Rules form.

21. Post Mass Additions is failing with the following error: You cannot expense an adjustment to an asset for which you have already Amortized an adjustment.Please Amortize this adjustment.


Error message is a intended one because once the asset has a amortized adjustment all future addjustments needs to be amortized and Expensed adjustments can not be made on that asset.

The intended functionality does not allow expensed adjustments on an amortized asset.The failing cost adjustment must be 'AMORTIZED' to be posted successfully.

1. Run the following script to update AMORTIZE_FLAG to YES for all affected mass additions:

update fa_mass_additions
set amortize_flag = 'YES'
where mass_addition_id = &mass_addition_id;

2. Commit;
3. Resubmit Post Mass Additions

22. Why Post Mass addition program is failing with Error Message: Asset Key CCID cannot be NULL ?


The error is because Asset Key CCID column is not populated, but the Asset Key FF is set as Required.

To fix the error Either populate the Asset Key CCID in FA_MASS_ADDITIONS table, or uncheck the Required checkbox for the Asset Key Flexfield segment(s) and then rerun the post mass addition program.

23. Post mass addition program is erroring with: Cache: Error retrieving row from FA_CATEGORY_BOOK_DEFAULTS table for: , Category ID: XXX , Book: xxxx


The error is because the category shown in the log file does not have default rules setup in category form or the category is not assigned to all the tax book.

To by pass the error ensure that the Asset Category assigned to the mass addition line is attached to all the corresponding tax books attached to the book for which post mass addition program is run and also make sure that Asset Category has the Default Rules setup.

24. Mass Additions Post fails with the following errors in the log file: Request ID: XXX , Cache: Error retrieving row from FA_METHODS table , Depreciation Method: STL , Life in Months: 60


The error is because the method and life combination entered for the invoice is not a valid one. The method and life combination must be defined and exist in the FA_METHODS table.

Update the method and life values for the mass addition line in Prepare Mass Additions form or directly in the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS table. Once this line has a valid value, this error should no longer be returned.