R12 Post Mass Additions (FAMAPT): Fails With Incorrect Asset Type and Category Combination


When attempting to run FAMAPT: Mass Additions Post
the following error occurs:

Error: Incorrect Asset Type and Category combination for &CATEGORY_ID.
Mass Addition ID: ##### ==> ** Failed **

-- Steps To Reproduce:
The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
1. Run Create mass addition to send mass addition from AP to FA
2. In prepare mass addition form , update required fields and set status to POST
3.Submit Mass Additions Post


The issue is caused by the following setup:
The category assigned to this mass addition has 'Capitalize' checkbox checked therefore it cannot be used for an Expensed asset.


1. Navigate to setup > Asset System > Categories

2. Query the categories having Capitalize checkbox Unchecked
or if one does not exist , define a new one

3. Navigate to Mass additions > Prepare mass addition
Query the failing mass addition at POST status and change the category to a correct one

4. Rerun Post Mass Additions and review the asset was successfully created as EXPENSED asset.