FAQ for Oracle Internet Expenses


1)  Can the Purchasing Approval Hierarchy be used for the Expense Approval process?

Ans) No, the Purchasing Approval Hierarchy cannot be used for the Expense Approval process.

2) If AME is enabled for OIE do the Signing Limits have to be defined within the Payables product?

Ans) No, the AME workflow process does not utilize the OIE signing limits data, therefore the values do not have to be entered as a setup step within the core Payables application.

3) How is the Account Number (CCID) derived for expenses that contain Project Accounting data?

Ans) The Project Accounting's Account Generator determines the account value for these expenses. The account definition attached to the expense type within the expense template setup form is therefore ignored.

4) There is no output file in R12 for the concurrent program Expense Report Export. Where can the export results including successful imports and rejections be reviewed?

Ans) The exception data is now available online through the Expenses Auditor responsibilities in a new tab called Expenses Export.

Expense Export Results can be found via query pages:
Internet Expenses Auditor -> Expenses Export -> Export Results

5) Upon reviewing the wfstatus diagnostic details several nodes show a value of 'FORCE'. Is this expected?
Ans) No, FORCE values in the workflow for APEXP indicate that unsupported use of Expedite/Skip has occured through the workflow monitor.

6) Expense reports entered through OIE are not displayed within the Payables application in the Invoices=>Entry=>Expense Reports form.  Is this expected behavior?

Ans) Yes, from Oracle Internet Expenses Mini-pack 11i.OIE.K and Oracle Applications Release 12 onwards, Oracle will no longer support the Oracle Payables Expense Reports form for audit activities. However, for the features available as of 11i.OIE.J, Oracle will continue to support the Expense Reports form for expense entry activities. No further feature enhancements will be made to the Expense Reports form in Oracle Payables.  

7) What is the minimum supported patchset for OIE 11i?

Ans) The baseline patchset requirement for OIE 11i is 11i.OIE.K.2. This patch must be applied on top of 11i.OIE.K . 

8) What is the difference between PCard and Credit/Travel Card functionality?

Ans)Procurement Card Functionality and Credit Card Functionality are often confused. These two functionalities use different tables, a different self-service user interface, different workflow processes, and different processing windows.