How to stop Automatic Tax Calculation during Invoice Validation

How to avoid automatic tax calculation on Invoice validation.

If we disable the ‘Allow Tax Applicability’ option under the Configuration owner Tax options we can prevent automatic tax calculation on Invoice validation.

Now let us see how we disable Allow Tax Applicability.


Tax Manager à Defaults and controls à Configuration owner Tax options

Separate will open 

Enter the follwoing information

Configuration Owner = Take your Configuration Owner that is your Legal Entity or Operating Unit 
Application name = Payables
Even Class = Invoice.

click on GO button

If there is an already existing set up then query it or if it returns no values then click on create.

In the page that opens, scroll down to the other field and there on the right side you can see a flag called "Allow Tax Applicability" Disable it and click on Apply button.

Now go to parables create and validate the invoices. After validating the tax will not automatically calculated by the system.

Once we disable the Allow Tax Applicability option we will not calculate the tax automatically, but we can still calculate the tax manually.


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