Defining Bank Accounts Errors KeyFlexfieldDefinitionFactory.getStructureNumber



Query an existing bank account. Receive error navigating to Account Controls in Update Account
The data that defines the flexfield on this field may be inconsistent. Inform your system administrator that the function: KeyFlexfieldDefinitionFactory.getStructureNumber could not find the structure definition for the flexfield specified by Application = SQLGL, Code = GL# and Structure number =
Due to the error, the Cash, Cash Clearing and other accounts could not be updated.


The Bank Account Owner was not assigned to the ledger.
Cash Management takes the Key Flex Field Definition from ledger to which selected legal entity (bank account owner) has been assigned. Since Legal Entity is not assigned to a ledger, Cash Management could not derive the key flexfield.


In Step 1 of the Update Account process, note down the Bank Account Owner.
Go to Payables Responsibility. Navigate to Setup/Accounting Setups/Ledger setup/Define/Accounting Setups.
Query the ledger.
Click on Update Accounting Options.
Check if the Bank Account Owner is listed in the legal entity.
If not add the legal entity which is the owner of the bank account to the ledger using "Add Legal Entity" button.
Retest the Update Account process.